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ART Engineering GmbH

Concept, Development, Design and Handling


Since more than 10 years ART Engineering GmbH provides engineering services and project handling for mechanical engineering for Amusement Rides as well as plant engineering and construction.

A main field of expertise is the concept design, development, engineering and handling of amusement rides for leisure parks and carnies. Amusement Rides and -Park projects are very often designed extremely individual based on customer requests and ideas. So they become customized unique installations which require special solutions on structural design, mechanical engineering and control system solutions.

Working in this field for many years we permanently increased our competence and expertise to complete complex design and engineering projects also helpful for other industrial sector projects.

Depending on actual needs or customer requirements we can provide all steps of a complete design process beginning with concept studies, design, engineering (detailed shop drawings, bill of material, schedules and manuals) up to complete handling. Additionally we can coordinate prototype manufacturing, assembly and commissioning in cooperation with experienced and reliable partners we work together with on a long term basis.

Base of our services is a consistent focus to custom oriented working from concept to detailed design. We understand ourselves as reliable and competent partner for solutions in the various fields of mechanical design and plant engineering.

High flexibility combined with intense communication with customers and suppliers enables us to support our clients with creative solutions on short notice after any inquiry.